Resource Packs

Here is a list of Resource Packs that we recommend be used on the server. An installation guide is included below.

OptiFine (or MCPatcher) are highly recommended, in order to see the full effects of the packs. OptiFine can also help to improve performance for better graphics and higher FPS.

Resource Packs

SMP’s Revival – Updated by WolfiaMC (Highly Recommended)


This is our server recommended resource pack. It is a modified version of SMP’s Revival resource pack. It is a 16x medieval-style pack, and many of the buildings in Wolfia were designed with it in mind.

This pack is highly dependent on CTM (Connected Textures) and it is highly recommended you have OptiFine (though MCPatcher will also work).

We maintain this pack ourselves (with the creator’s permission) as the original creator is no longer maintaining it. It is currently unfinished, but it works fine. We are in the process of updating to newer pack formats and adding textures for new blocks.

We still need to add many missing textures. If you are good at creating Minecraft textures and would like to contribute, please contact Kyle or Galvin on the server.


TARDIS Resource Packs

Download: Sound Effects Pack and Texture Pack

These two packs contain sounds and textures for the TARDIS plugin.  This includes proper textures for the items and Police Box, as well as sound effects.

This pack requires CTM (Connected Textures) and CIT (Custom Item Textures), included in OptiFine and MCPatcher.


Installing Resource Packs

  1. Open Minecraft, click Options, then click Resource Packs
  2. Click Open resource pack folder
  3. Download and save the packs above that you would like to use (Revival is highly recommended!). They should be zipped folders. Put the packs into the Resource Pack folder
  4. Close the folder and go back to Minecraft. The packs should now be listed on the left.
  5. Use the arrows beside each pack to move them to the right side, then move them up/down so they are in this order
    – TARDISSoundPack (Optional)
    – TARDIS_MCP (Optional)
    – Revival
    – Default
  6. Click Done and the packs will be applied!

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