The Tekkit Server is not kept online 24/7, however Kyle is willing it put it up if you are interested. If you would like to play on the Tekkit Server, let Kyle know.

Tekkit is a modpack for Minecraft that adds many new blocks and items into the game, including machines, spaceships, robots, computers, ages, power armour, building blocks, and more! You can find details on Tekkit at http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit

We have a Tekkit server set up, open to all players who play on Wolfia. It is survival only, unless you are server staff.

You will need Technic Launcher to download Tekkit, get it here. In the launcher, choose the Tekkit (the one with the blue spaceship) modpack, login with your Minecraft account, and your game should load within a few minutes.

The IP is MC.WolfiaMC.com:25567

Griefing is NOT allowed, but we don’t really have any other rules. Just don’t be an imbecile and use common sense.

Staff on Wolfia are also in charge on Tekkit. There are no ranks on Tekkit, and no plugins. It is more similar to single-player Minecraft.

If you have questions, ask Kyle at any time. Have fun with Tekkit!

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