Ages ago -long before the times of the Wolf Lord, the great kingdoms and Thaindoms- a coalition was forged between five tribes in Akenland (the spawn continent of wolfia).  This coalition consisted of: The Northern Sholks, The Ebonites of the East, The Rhùns of the Southern plains, The wargs of the Great Western Desert, and the peaceful centralised Aunixes.  This nation called itself Rayken (meaning the Rulers of Aken[land]).


Each of the tribes in Rayken were ruled by a sage, a chief, and an Alchemist.  The Sage was the master arbiter (judge) of the tribe, The Chief was the leader of the warriors, and the Alchemists were the Mystical magicians that figure-headed the chief and sage.  When all of Rayken went to war the Alchemists of each tribe would coalesce in the Hall of the Star of Rykan* to strategise the war.  Occasionally during times of peace The Hall of the Rykan star was used to practice magic and to develop spells or Potions.  From the meetings in times of peace the Cult of the Rykan Star was formed.


Under the might** of the Rykan star the Alchemists abolished the system of tribes and placed all warriors under one cheif, a warg, known as the Lord of Death*~*.  The Old sages of the tribes were exiled from Rayken for speaking out against the Cult, new sages were adopted in their place.


*Rykan comes from the way the Rhùn alchemist mispronounced Rayken, star eludes to the five-pointed start drawn on the floor of the Hall.

**Might refers to the commoner’s fear of the Cult of the Rykan Star.

~This is eventually going to develop into the Wolf Lord.  I plan to say something about how the Alchemists began to work on a Stone of Time and before it was ready the Wolf Lord tried to yield its power and was cast into time.  Eventually some decent of the old warriors did some magic to bring him out where he started his first rule, he tried punishing the old alchemists and they sent him back into time.  He then ends up re emerging a few times afterwards only to find that after 20 years he gets sent back into time.

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