2013-09-21_23.32.19On February 26th, 2012, the town of Aberdeen became its own Farthing (or region), known as Eborin. This Farthing includes the town of Aberdeen, the largest town on the server, as well as New Aberdeen, Ainoran, and Cidran. There is a large arena here, lake Ceethaci, and quite a lot to see.


The largest town is known as Aberdeen. Founded by GalvinNerth, it is considered the “New York” of the server. It started small, but has grown into a thriving town. This town also has its own massive arena. There are great attractions such as the Apiceedra, and there is also a huge public farm and library (with real books to read) here.

New Aberdeen2013-09-21_23.38.51

A new town built on the beautiful style of Aberdeen but with a more modern twist. It is located to the East of Aberdeen, just past the Aberdeen Congressional Building. Recently this town has been expanded, with a large, beautiful town hall, an arena (with a unique event that involves Music Disks), a state-of-the-art minecart station, and the headquarters of Alpha Wolf Labs (a company that designs and tests Redstone machines). The buildings here use wood, wool, and bricks, which are not the easiest materials to obtain, making this is a good spot for more experienced players.


Built on the side of a cliff, Ainoran is a very unique town. The name means “Star Town”, as this is an excellent place to see the stars. There is plenty of space to build in on the cliff side, and there is space on the ground if you’d prefer that. It’s also a very short walk from Aberdeen, which means you’ll have plenty to see and do within a few minutes of walking.

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