The two Akenland regions (Waramon and Eborin) each have their own separate economies.

Waramon’s Economy – Emeralds

In Waramon, Emeralds are used as currency. Each emerald is worth $1. You can use Emeralds to buy items, services, property, and more.

Emeralds that are in your inventory, Ender Chest, or saved at the Bank of Waramon are counted as part of your balance. Your balance is all the money that can be used for purchases.
Emeralds stored in normal chests are not part of your balance, and cannot be used until they are placed in your inventory, Ender Chest, or deposited in the bank.

You can earn money by selling items, completing quests, winning arena battles, and trading minerals at the Bank of Waramon.

The Bank of Waramon is located on the lower level of the Wolfia Mall, in the City of Intwil. You can learn more about the economy, store your emeralds, get a loan, and trade minerals at the bank.

Eborin’s Economy – Eborite

Eborin’s economy is still a work-in-progress. Check back later.

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