Bank of Waramon

Waramon’s economy is managed by the Bank of Waramon. Our currency is the Emerald (1 Emerald = $1). The Bank’s main location is inside the Mall, at 1 Marketplace Rd, Intwil, Waramon.

You can check your own balance at any time by typing /bal


Bank Services Available

These services are offered at the Bank, in the Mall. Speak with a bank employee there if you are interested in any of these services.

Checking Accounts: Emeralds (currency) can be deposited into the Bank, but is still counted in your balance. No fees or interest.

Savings Accounts: Emeralds (currency) can be deposited into the Bank, and can only be withdrawn. It does not count towards your balance. No fees or interest.

Safety Deposit Boxes: Safe storage of items, can be accessed by owner only. Costs $5 per week.

Loans: Any amount of Emeralds can be loaned to you, for up to 60 days. No fees or interest if paid back on time.

Buying/Selling of Minerals: Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis, and Diamonds may be purchased or sold at the Bank. These six items do NOT have fixed values however, they change based on supply or demand. You can sell your excess minerals for profit, or take advantage of the system and buy low, sell high!

Explanation of the Bank of Waramon and Emerald Currency

This is a more technical explanation of how the economy system in Wolfia works. This is not important to know, it’s just if you want a full understanding of how the bank and currency are managed.

A player’s balance represents any legal tender they have in their inventory, in their Ender Chest, or stored in the Bank (a Checking Account). Emeralds* are the only legal tender in Waramon. Therefore, only physical Emerald items may be counted as part of a player’s balance.

*This DOES include Blocks of Emerald.

Emeralds are not finite, and may enter or exit the economy at any time. This helps keep a fairly stable number of Emeralds in the economy.

Emeralds may enter the economy through:

  • The Bank of Waramon: Emeralds may be created in the event that the Bank needs more to pay a player (for a loan, or in exchange for minerals)
  • Villager trading

Emeralds may leave the economy through:

  • Destruction / Despawning
  • Villager trading

If you have any questions, please ask Kyle for more information.


A  detailed explanation for buying/selling of minerals will be coming soon.

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