Sholkingam, the vast land to the North, is mostly wilderness, but there are three towns. These towns are quite far from each other, and all have their own styles. This farthing extends from the North border of Eborin to the Farlands, a distance of about 10KM! It is all connected by the very long “endless” track, although even in a minecart, it will take you almost an hour to get from start to end. There isn’t much else outside of the towns, but there is lots of space if you want to live very far from everyone else.

Points North

This town was once considered “very, very far”, but now it is the closest Sholkingam town to Eborin. It is located in a mountainous area, which means you get lots of great views and great mining. This is a rather interesting town, its style is hard to explain. You’ll have to visit it yourself to see it!

The Farlands

The Farlands was a secret feature back when Minecraft was in beta, and although it was removed, this town has been named after it. A whopping 10KM away from Eborin, getting here is rather difficult (unless you warp there) although it can be an interesting journey. This town is being built by FlowerFox, who also built the “endless track” from Eborin to the Farlands (in creative mode, but without any help from others or plugins!).


This town was once a hub of trade, then it went quiet for a very long time. Recently, there have been talks to finally connect Gigansburg to Waramon, which would fully revive this quiet town.

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