The oldest and Southern towns are located in Waramon. This region includes Wolf Town, the oldest town and also the capital of the world. There is also Market Town, which includes the massive Server Mall and the Great Clocktower. Other small towns include Aloki, Espilo, Warcaston, and Pumpkin Town. The arena is also located in this region.

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The oldest town in Wolfia is Wolf Town. This town is the capital of the world, although it is quite small. This is the first town you’ll visit when you use the main portal in the Respawn Hub. There is an inn, a library, a large ravine, the government building, a Nether portal, and the Admin’s house. There are also many wolves found in this forest, as the town name suggests.

This is a great town to start in, as there is lots of wood and space to build. You will be close to many biomes and towns. The style of this town is based around Stone Brick, along with Spruce wood.

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Market Town is a rather large but surprisingly quiet town. It is known for two things: the server mall, and the clocktower. This town has an interesting style, it is a cross between city-like and Wolf Town’s stone brick style. Market Town is currently the south-most town, and has a lot of great space to build.

The main feature of Market Town is the mall. This massive building is one of the largest and most heavily decorated builds on the server. You can open your own store and sell items to other players, or buy anything you need from one of many shops.

There is plenty of space to build in Market Town. There are many places to build homes on the shore of the river, and plenty more space further south. Wherever you are, you will be close to the mall, great mines, and amazing views.


To the North of Wolf Town is a mountain. At the top of the mountain is Warcaston Castle, the centre of this medieval style town. While this town is small, there is plenty of room in a valley to the North. You will find amazing views here, and it is really, really close to the Arena. Wolf Town and Aberdeen are only a short walk away.

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A small, simple town created in the spur of the moment, built mostly by Kyle and Sonic, although the mayor is Ender. There is the occasional apocalypse from time to time. This town’s style uses lots of Bricks and Oak Wood, as well as Birch for flooring and Wool for ceilings. Redstone Lamps and a lot of Beacons are used for lighting.


Espilo is located in a snow (Taiga) biome to the Northwest of the region. The central area of this town is rather quiet, but there is plenty of space and plenty of snow. Further north, you will find several mansions, owned by the VIPs of the server, and built by Kyle. Wolves are also common here. The interesting style of this town includes Spruce wood, Stone Brick, and Snow blocks!


This town is located in a jungle to the West. It has not yet been built. You can access this town from the Desertia Crossroads.

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