The City of Intwil

The City of Intwil is the largest city in Wolfia.


Market Town is located in Southern Waramon, near Wolf Town. This town is known for the Mall and its iconic Clocktower.


Market Town’s style uses mostly Stone Brick for walls, Stone Slabs or Oak Wood Planks for floors, and Oak Stairs for roofing. Chiseled Stone Brick and Stone are also used for details on walls. Market Town buildings usually have lots of large windows, often taking up most of a wall. Glowstone is used as the only light source.

Roads are made from Cobblestone, Stone Slabs, and Glowstone, with Bricks and Chiseled Stone Brick sometimes used for corners.


Market Town was one of the earlier towns of what is now Waramon. It is not as old as some of the other towns, therefore it does not have very many landmarks compared to a town like Aberdeen. The space for Market Town was chosen because of the river flowing all the way around, and was originally a small mountain. The area was flattened, however construction did not start until a while later. The town was started around its large central square, and the Clocktower (the town hall of Market Town). The style has constantly evolved, originally it was much simpler than the current style. This town did not have very many buildings in its early weeks.

Several months later, plans for a new Mall were announced and construction began on what would be the largest building on the server. The mall has expanded eight times so far, and today it looks nothing like it did when it first opened. The Mall is what made Market Town successful, and kept it from turning into an empty “ghost town”.

One of the largest mansions on the server, Wolf Mansion, is located in Southern Market Town. This mansion was designed and constructed by Kyle, and is currently the second largest building in Market Town.

As of February 26th, 2013, Market Town is part of the Waramon Farthing.

Recently, the Mall was rebuilt literally from the ground up. This new look and style is helping Market Town become more popular. Several new houses are currently being built and sold, to help boost the town’s population.

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