Warburg, previously (and still commonly) known as Wolf Town is the oldest modern-era town in Wolfia. Located in east Waramon, it is south from Warcaston and northwest from the City of Intwil.  The town is the location of Kyle’s first house, the oldest building of modern-era Wolfia. Warburg is the former capital of Waramon.


Warburg is mostly built along Wolf Road, a road that runs south (to the City of Intwil) and north (towards Mabonal Road, to Warcaston and Aberdeen). A small river runs through the town, an offshoot of the Waramon river.

Warburg is located at the west edge of the Wolf Forest (a small forest bordered by Aberdeen, Warburg, and Intwil).



Buildings in Warburgs are usually small, with a moderate level of detail. They are constructed largely of stone brick and cobblestone, with some oak wood. Spruce wood (usually brought from Espilo) is also common.

Notable buildings include Kyle’s House, and the Town Hall.


Warburg was founded by Kyle Necrowolf. The Town Square and Kyle’s House were the first features of the town to be constructed, and are now an icon of those early days. Warburg was the first town of the modern era, and was originally inhabited by explorers looking for a safe place to live in the then-dangerous wilderness of the Akenland. Early buildings included the Ravine Entrance, the old Wolf Town Library, and the houses of the early explorers.

Not long after the founding of Warburg, one of the more enterprising explorers had taken control of the nearby mountains (which would later be known as Warcaston). Determined to separate himself from Warburg, he secretly planted explosives under the town, which, while being quickly discovered by Kyle Necrowolf and Galvin Nerth, were detonated. The blast damaged or destroyed many buildings in Wolf Town, including the old library. Kyle’s home, the Ravine Entrance, and the beacon tower were the only buildings that survived the disaster.

Warburg was quickly rebuilt, with a large town hall in the place of the old library, where it still stands today. A new, expanded library was constructed at the north end of the town.

As of March 6th, Y2 (Year 2, or 2013), Wolf Town is part of the Clan of Waramon. At this time, it was the capital of Waramon, however this changed in October Y2, when the City of Intwil became the new capital, due to the construction of Waramon Square, the capitol building of the Clan of Waramon.

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