Wolf Lord

The Wolf Lord was the former lord of Wolfia, long, long ago. Very little is known about him, including whether he was a wolf, human, or something else. Not even his name is known. It is believed that all of Wolfia was once under his control, although almost nothing remains from that time.


The Wolf Lord’s castle is currently the only known building that remains from the Wolf Lord’s empire. The castle is mostly underground, in a secret location in what is now Waramon. The castle is massive, some explorers have even said that it is nearly endless. Currently the castle remains abandoned, full of moss and decay, although well-preserved deep under Waramon.



The Wolf Lord’s primary weapon was his master sword, Wolf Storm. Designed by the lord himself, and forged in a workshop in the castle, this sword is said to be the most powerful weapon in all of Wolfia, even more powerful than E Quentor, however this sword was destroyed. There was also a matching armour set, bow, and potion.

E Quentor (or The Bringer of Death) was also forged in a workshop in the Wolf Lord’s castle, however it was not designed or used by the Wolf Lord. It is said to be the most powerful sword in all of Wolfia, with the exception of Wolf Storm, which no longer exists. The location of E Quentor remains unknown, though it is said to be lost somewhere in Runnach.

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